Consulting Services

Churchill Residential is recognized as an industry leader due to its innovative practices, profit maximization, commitment to outrageous customer service, and proven track record of exceeding industry standards.

Throughout our company’s history we have consistently had record breaking lease ups on our new developments.

The reason for our success? Churchill Residential has been rated #1 in the nation for customer service and we have an environment where people love to work because we know that we make a difference. The philosophy is simple, yet so often ignored by business these days: take care of your employees and your customers, and the other metrics will fall into place.

Churchill Residential has extensive experience and is a clear market leader in all facets of multi-family real estate including construction, development, lease-up, conventional, tax credit, and senior housing, to name just a few.

Churchill Residential will consider offering consulting services to select clients.

For more information contact Brad Forslund at

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